Data Analytics Solutions

MITYUNG has been rendering data analytics solutions to help businesses in converting historical and real-time data into actionable information.  We help our business partners in extracting actionable information from large, complex collections of data by uncovering hidden insights within data assets.

We unveil information out of massive data assets - Facilitate evidence-based decision-making. Deliver insight and foresight.

Data Analytics is a continuous cycle of understanding and improving business process performance. We let your data speak louder to accelerate organization efficiency and business value.


Delivering Custom Actionable Information Dashboards, we let businesses track their key performance indicators (KPIs) with greater ease. Dashboards help to monitor the progress, recognize the trends and identify suspicious behaviour to respond immediately. Mityung offers solution to all your Dashboard related needs in an cost effective manner.

In-Memory Analytics

Real-time analytics has been complemented by in-memory platforms. In-memory analytics offers larger paradigm shift in today’s business intelligence speeds. Our technological insights in data analytics using in-memory analytics tools strengthen our business propositions. Mityung's in-memory analytics professionals help you in reducing the time needed for processing large data sets so that you can focus on growing your business.

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Distributed Analytics Engine

Advancement of data capturing interfaces generating massive data from literally from everywhere. We know how to decentralize a large, powerful, distributed cluster of physical nodes to analyze everything collaboratively.

Computing analytics in single machine is historical context now. Distributed computing architecture, designed to run across a cluster of machines scales super-linearly with high-end performance and cost efficient.

Business Analytics Engine

We offer an extensive array of business intelligence solutions to align your business vision with your business processes. We enable decision making offering actionable information through our Business Analytics Engine.

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