Healthcare IT Solutions and Medical Information Solutions

Healthcare IT Solutions provide a platform to medical professionals so that they can collect, store and share patient data throughout their clinical practice and future purpose. These digital systems are not just reducing the paperwork, remove unwanted records of patients and also reduce risk factors. They enhance physicians’ user experience and patient care decision making. Mityung provides full range of medical information solutions including Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) ranging from EMR/EHR development, EHR/EMR integration service and EHR/EMR Customization service.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Electronic Health Records (EHR)

We offer Medical/Healthcare information frameworks to leverage C-CDA for making meaningful use complaint - patient management, patient charting, e-prescription, clinical documentation, secured communication, and clinical decision support solutions more affordable. We are equipped with advanced technologies for transforming modern healthcare to facilitate precision care. Our healthcare expertise helps in scale-up business boundaries by building healthcare ecosystem and facilitating desired point of care.

We are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to transform modern healthcare to facilitate precision care. Our EHR & EMR expertise helps to push business boundaries by building the healthcare ecosystem and enabling the desired point of service. Some of our services include: EMR/ EHR development and implementation, EHR/EMR Integration Services, EHR/EMR Customization Services. Mityung Medical Healthcare software Solutions is unique in our comprehensive understanding of EHR. For many years, we have designed and implemented the infrastructure to support EHR, including migrations and upgrades. We are a team of EHR experts and understand the requirements well.

With Mityung Accelerate Real-Time Connected Care by Extending the Reach of Care with Modern IT, Empowering Patients and Care Teams, Protecting Healthcare Data and Patient Trust, Predicting and reducing readmissions.

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Interoperable Health Systems

An interoperable health system is one in which different types of medical devices, software platforms and electronic health records (EHRs) can communicate and share data with each other. This type of system enables healthcare providers to have better access to a patient’s medical history and improve the coordination of care.

Healthcare information systems must have interoperability aspects designed to offer longitudinal medical record access to clinicians across the continuum of care. Interoperability is fundamental requirement for every healthcare system to facilitate continuity of care to the patients.

We help in revamping and advancing the existing health systems towards scalable and interoperable systems- Our technology solution approach focuses on interoperability between disparate electronic health records systems. Check out our Data Driven architecture based interoperability platform - medzinc. Our interoperability platform helps in Accelerating care coordination, Elevating Care delivery process and providing Better experiences to all stakeholders in healthcare.

With the vision of Interoperable Health Systems , We are creating a healthcare ecosystem that is sustainable, ubiquitous, and secure. Our goal is to simplify health data interoperability so that it crystallises a sustainable healthcare ecosystem and enables healthcare omnipresence. We think that if we can accomplish this, the entire world will be a better place.

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Meaningful Use & C-CDA

We are equipped with strategies in the implementation of all meaningful use objectives to improve patient outcomes. Our team helps in determining and implementing appropriate system that ensures regulatory compliance with the standards.

We design and develop the regulatory environment to ensure continued compliance to help in audits processes.

Medical Claim (X-12) Engines

All EMR system needs to compliant seamless communication with payers - to get claim for benefit, business mileage or workers compensation. We implement claims management requirements in EMRs to ensure a smooth claims management process. We enable businesses to automate claims processing with ease.

We design claim management workflows in a highly intelligent approach, ready to deliver ROI. Our design empowers non-technical users to define their own processes, configure and optimize the workflow with agility to meet business rules changes. We also provide Automated Clearing House (ACH) integration service.

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