Information Security Solutions

MITYUNG delivers Information Security Solutions - Network Security, Vulnerability Management, End Point Detection and Response, Incident Response, and Security Information and Event Management Advanced Monitoring and Threat Intelligence. Our solutions are built on the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible protection against both known and unknown threats.

With a focus on innovation, we provide comprehensive information security solutions. Our solutions provide the right level of visibility and insight into your environment to ensure compliance with gobal security policies and standards.

Infrastructure Security Management (ISM)

Our Infrastructure Security Management service can help you safeguard your business / organization information assets. We benchmark and compare best practice alongside industry peers. We analyze the Network System for security risk and gap analysis.

We monitor endpoints to mitigate malicious cyber threats and prevent any security breach. We work with you to understand your business and identify key risks, so we can put together a strategy that works for you.

Vulnerability Management (VM)

We provide the full stage services on vulnerability management to identify, evaluate, report and remediate any sort of vulnerability. Hence, delivering complete security of infrastructural assets and applications.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced vulnerability management professionals provide a holistic approach to risk assessment and security control. We have the capability to manage, maintain and update your infrastructure with the latest threat intelligence.

Information Security

Incident Response (IR)

We help our business partners in information security by providing them with threat hunting and response services. We help organizations identify and strategize around the gaps in their incident response capabilities.

Our security analysts have a thorough understanding of network operations, security protocols and the best practices for securing data. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients reduce risk and ensure that their critical information stays secure against cyber threats and events.

Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)

We have the expertise to help you with your compliance and security needs such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for you, so that you can focus on your business.

We take care of all the errors, mistakes and problems in your IT infrastructure compliance and help you find out what’s wrong by auditing, fix it and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We work with large Enterprises as well as SMEs.