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Our products are made to be easy to use, cost effective and impactful for the people who use them. We focus on building technology that is intuitive and user-friendly so it can be used by anyone without extensive training or time invested in learning how to use it. Our goal is to empower healthcare providers with technology that helps them provide better care at a lower cost. We are passionate about improving healthcare and making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.


medzinc medical data exchange platform facilitates universal interoperability framework for simplified care coordination. It enables seamless clinical communication, integrated care coordination and automated data exchange between healthcare providers, clearing houses and other related parties. Some of its features include:

Meaningful health data readily accessible.

Patient information validation electronically.

Cost effective health interoperability management.

Consistent health information availability across the Network... Learn More.

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Envisioning the growth of globalization and advancement of information computing scenario, we offer healthcare collaboration platform to the medical fraternity to interlace into the workflow of an individual physician practice, multiple physician hospital, individual radiologist, lab, pharmacy, and diagnostics for offering efficient patient care services. Some of the features include:

Patient management System


Healthcare Assistance

Rx Exchange... Learn More.

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Healthcare Information Exchange

The Healthcare Information Exchange Team has hundreds of years of combined Healthcare experience. We use our expertise to help shape our products to fit our Customer/Client needs.

The tool rates the frequency of the symptoms which factors into the scoring severity index.

Question 9 on the PHQ-9 screens for the presence and duration of suicide ideation.

PHQ-9 screens, diagnoses, monitors and measures the severity of depression.

The PHQ-9 incorporates DSM-IV depression diagnostic criteria... Learn More.

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OnDox is a robust, web based, comprehensive document management system with an advanced ICR/OCR technology features. It's unique features and concepts are end to end customized and developed to manage any businesses' complete document organization, storage and access anytime, anywhere in addition to its capability of integrating with any Application, software or external DMS system. Some of its features include:

Automatic ICR.

Automatic OCR.

Matter Centric Document Organization.

Document Access and Transfer... Learn More.

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QAroid let Android phone users to manage their device performance and boost-up speed by cleaning unwanted junks. App also helps testing out functioning of handset features and diagnose device health. It also provides useful device information and let user access all the utility in single window. Some of its features include:

Support Android 2.3 & above.

Assists user to check functioning of various sensors in the devices.

Provides useful detailed system information & provides a clear picture of device configuration.

Simple & easy to read phone health... Learn More.

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