About us

MITYUNG excels in building information engines for 360 degrees interfaces to enable business transactions and information mining across devices - Specializing in IT Consulting & Services, Cloud Computing, Healthcare IT Solutions, and Data Science.

Our executive team has decades of direct industry experience in the operational, clinical, and all aspects of health information management. Our talented team is able to offer unique and customized solutions backed by data-driven analysis and delivered multiple healthcare application platforms and dozens of EMR integrations in the realm of digital healthcare advancement. As an IT Service provider, we believe in building long-lasting client partnerships which help us all grow.


“We are on a mission in building information engines and interfaces to simplify business workflow automation and reduce time to market for businesses globally.”


“Our vision is the inspire businesses to solve real-world problems by innovating, designing, and building cutting-edge IT systems.”
So, they can unleash their full potential to enrich their customer experience.

Is your IT system challenging your Providers, weakening Patient Outcomes, and failing to fulfil advanced expectations?

We build advanced healthcare IT solutions – HIPAA and MU compliant, and support you with a dedicated team of veteran IT professionals who specialize in healthcare IT projects and Interoperability strategies.

Does your data speak to you?

Unleash the potential of data across and let the data speak for itself. We offer a comprehensive suite of data engineering services to enable our customers in harnessing the power of their Data. We work across a myriad of technology paradigms and algorithms using various data analytics tools & methodologies to extract key insights from larger datasets.

Is your cloud infrastructure getting complex on expansion of your business boundaries?

We help our customers in streamlining their app development and deployment lifecycle to accelerate development process with our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) service. We also help in determining Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools best suiting to business & technology stack needs and implementing DevOps best practices, and CI/CD pipelines with the choice of cloud.