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How Can Right EHR Integration Service Reduce Practice Costs?

April 24, 2023

Electronic Health Record is an electronic/ virtual form of a patient's medical record. EHR is an advanced alternative to manual records. Interoperability in EHR system can ease the task of medical organizations by easily collecting data from different healthcare systems. 

Experts are of the view that cloud-based EHR solutions have the potential to save operating expenses, and more and more clinics or health organizations are adopting this cutting-edge solution.

When choosing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration service, healthcare organizations have two options: one is to have a client-server EHR, and the other is to have a Cloud-based EHR system hosted by the provider. 


Why EHR (Electronic Health Record) is important?

EHR integration services have transformed the health industry by accelerating data access and entry, streamlining regular activities, minimizing errors, and dramatically lowering expenses, all possible with the help of interoperability in healthcare. The main objective of EHR is to harmonize patient data so that healthcare professionals can easily review a patient's medical history, leading to faster and improved treatment. 

Interoperability in EHR systems manage patient's demographic data, medical history, diagnoses, medications, prescriptions, allergy lists, documents, and test results. They are all collected and stored, reducing the amount of time medical professionals spend on administrative tasks. 


Drawbacks of client-server EHR

As the health industry is growing and transforming rapidly, many clinics and medical practitioners are dealing with the rising expense and complexity while administering their recording healthcare data, interoperability in healthcare helps EHR integration services to support functionality and sufficient capacity.

The difficulty of maintaining data integrity and backups consumes time and money, as data volumes continue to increase. It requires support personnel and manpower. And to constantly enforce and monitor data security measures becomes difficult for client-server EHR integration services.




How Cloud-based EHR can reduce practice costs?

Cloud-based EHR integration was developed as a solution to costly and time-consuming manual health record systems by bringing interoperability in healthcare. Let's take a deeper look at how EHR can be an affordable solution :- 


  • Efficiency

With less capital investment, interoperability in healthcare can ensure flexible, on-demand, geo-redundant cloud computing, network, and storage services. As the updating cost of the IT system can be saved along with efficiency since cloud EHR can expand instantly to suit growing data masses while requiring less ongoing technological support.


  • Reduced Prices

Smaller health organizations may find it challenging to install a client-server-based EHR integration services due to the high initial expenditures involved in setting up the IT system. EHR platforms that use the cloud have little to no upfront expenditures. Client-server EHRs would require clinic purchasing, frequent monitoring, and testing of hardware while Cloud EHR will require less infrastructure.


  • Predictability of costs

Unpredictability is one of the major drawbacks of client-based EHR. Costs can increase if there is an error in the server or the volume increases, needing extra capacity upgrades. The cost of cloud-based integration is predictable that ensures stable expenditure for small practitioners.


  • Ease of implementation

A client-server EHR's implementation procedures can be challenging at times. And that may require a huge investment for expanding one's practice. 



The health industry has evolved greatly with the development of EHR technology. The clinical data when assembled and harmonized can be used to keep track of medical history and enhance patient health

Switching to an EHR integration may seem like a task, but we need to consider the bigger picture, the efficiency, and the cost-effectiveness that EHR offers for easy, and improved clinical processes in real-time. 


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ehr integration services
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How Can Right EHR Integration Service Reduce Practice Costs?

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